MEC # 2 Birds Hill Park Race

MEC # 2 Birds Hill Park Race
MEC #2 Birds Hill Park 2017 3rd Overall After A Sprint Finish!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolution Run 8K

Today I ran the Resolution Run 8K trail race in Crescent Park, part of the 2013 Fraser Valley Trail Run Series put on by Peninsula Runners .
It was near freezing but with no rain or wind as what looked like about 200 hardy souls started out at 10 AM, running across the grass and then into the woods. We ran along the winding path for a bit, watching for tree roots, out into the open for a short stint, and then hit the trees again. Now we were on a very twisting single track, with many roots and a wide log across the path every so often for us to vault over. The sun was out now and it blinded me running towards it, but I was lucky enough not to step somewhere bad and wipe out. After the race I heard that a few people took tumbles for one reason or another, but fortunately no injuries were reported.
It was congested on the single track but I just took the opportunity to rest up and then break out and pass several people as we hit an open space again. I'd felt sluggish for the first kilometer or so of the race, but now I felt pretty good and increased my speed as we hit the trees again and went over a small bridge. Soon we hit the open field again, ran down to and then around the back of a baseball diamond, and then around the edge of the field for a few hundred meters.
One last jaunt through some woods followed, and we hit a good downhill that I ran down quite fast, passing Maureen De St. Croix who was volunteering today, and she yelled "Way to go Gord, keep it up!" after me. Next we ran across the field where we'd started, and onto the second and final lap!
It was less congested on the single track the second time as people were more spread out now, but still a rest period once more before passing some people after we hit the open, and then a fellow went by me! Running around behind the diamond I caught him and raced past, but by the time we were almost in the woods again Paul from my club appeared beside me. He said "How's it going Gord?", and went by as I managed to mumble "Okay."
I stayed a few meters back of him as we passed some more people, knowing the end was near. He went by a woman in front of me but she sped up and surged ahead as I tried to do the same. We raced down the decline, and Maureen cheered us on as we passed her, and then yelled after me to get up on my toes and sprint, yelling "Attaboy!" as I did so. We turned right and ran across the grass and over the finish line, both at the same speed so she maintained the gap she'd opened up between us.
I went over and talked to Paul and then Tom from our club came in, and after some more catching up on things we went to the food tables to see what they had. I took a couple of fig newtons and a banana piece from the bowl of sliced oranges and bananas. There were also various breads and I grabbed a piece of soft grainy stuff and tried to get some Nutella out of the jar but it was really cold and solid. I managed to scrape a few bits out but for my next piece of bread I used peanut butter instead and it worked fine. I talked to Kevin, who I'd first met at one of these races 3 years ago, for quite awhile, and then Antonio came up and I introduced them and we talked some more about how great trail running was. The coffee line was short now so we grabbed a cup, and clubmate Shonna came over to me a we clinked coffee cups and wished each other a Happy New Year. Scott Stewart was there with his grandson Cameron, but he's still injured and so wasn't entered but just accompanied Cameron for some of it. Cameron told us he developed a hip problem during the race, but still managed to finish.
Right after this they did some draw prizes, and then the awards were given out, with $50 Peninsula Runners gift certificates going to the male and female overall winners, plus the winners of the 10 year age group categories. With that over with they started packing up things pretty quick, and we all headed out, content with starting off the year on a positive note.
No results on the net yet, but I'll post them when they're up.
My next race is the Harriers Pioneer 8K in Saanichton on January 13 at 11 AM.

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