MEC # 2 Birds Hill Park Race

MEC # 2 Birds Hill Park Race
MEC #2 Birds Hill Park 2017 3rd Overall After A Sprint Finish!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Derby Reach Regional Park 10K Trail Run

Last night I raced the Derby Reach Regional Park 10K Trail Run. We got going at a little after 6 PM, starting off on a wide gravel path alongside the Fraser River. After about 100 meters we turned off into the woods. One guy turned on the jets and that was the last we saw of him until the race was over, and myself, another guy, and a woman were running together well back of him in a small pack. We weaved along the trail for about a kilometer, and then I passed them, but after only a few hundred yards they came up behind me, and our pack was together again.

We ran out of the woods and across a road, through a parking lot, and then hit the trail again. We went up a short steep hill that slowed everyone down, but we soon had our legs going again and sped up. A young fast fellow suddenly appeared, passed all of us, and pulled away. I heard someone else behind me now as we hit the super steep hill that I remembered from the winter race here. They ran up it faster than I was able, and I thought the person behind me was going to catch up, but whoever it was had slowed to a walk. My legs felt like lead when I reached the top, and it took awhile to get them back, by which time the people ahead had disappeared out of sight. I heard my pursuer closing behind me but then my limbs recovered and I was able to put some distance between us.

We weaved along the trail with a few more ups and downs thrown in, and with about 3 Ks to go there was another fairly steep hill, and it was here that the person chasing me pulled up alongside. The race director before the race had told us there'd be only one hill on the course, which everyone had laughed at because we knew it wasn't true. As we ran up this one I said "There's only one hill, except all the other ones!", and the young fellow said "You got that right!" and raced ahead.

The rest of the way was mostly flat but with constant zigzags, and I could hear someone else behind me now. At one point we came out into the open and there was a fairly long straightaway and I could see the young guy about 100 meters in front of me, and then a couple of hundred meters in front of him the original man and women who were running with me early in the race. The couple disappeared from view as we hit the woods again for more twisting and turning. I was however, closing on the young guy, with the person behind doing the same to me. I sped up and passed him, and then we hit the marker that said "1 kilometer to go!" on it.

I concentrated on keeping up my pace as the sound of the pounding footsteps behind me was constant now. Finally we came out into the open again, but as we did it wasn't immediately apparent to me which way we were supposed to go, and I slowed up for a couple of seconds to look around. Then I saw the finish line and headed the right way, but the young guy tried to take advantage of my momentary indecision and started to run ahead of me. After holding him off for over a kilometer there was no way I was going to let him beat me now, so I blew past him and didn't let up until 200 meters later when I was over the finish line.

He crossed it behind me and we congratulated each other on a great race, and then the person who'd been pushing us came in, and it was Murray from my club! He's been working hard to get back into form, and it looks like he's almost there.

I grabbed some water and then went to my car and got my camera and a bell that I found in a thrift store a few days ago. It's like a small "Hear ye! Hear ye!" bell, and I thought it would work well to cheer in runners at races, and it certainly did! They had small bags of ketchup and plain chips, cheezies, and Doritos, plus both crunchy and chewy granola bars, fruit bars, juice boxes, and a big bag of assorted candies on the food table, plus Tim Horton's was there dispensing coffee and hot chocolate and small bags of Timbits. They encouraged us to eat as much as we could, so naturally I ate more than I probably should have, but what a deal for a $5 entry fee! We cheered in all the rest of the runners, many who told us they were running their first 10K, and finally the last 4 came in, a human couple and their 2 dogs.

I took a picture of the Fraser River beside the start/finish line, it really is a beautiful park, and one of the people in the finish area on the other side of the line, and then they did the awards.

The winner of the men's race was actually an owner of sponsor Peninsula Runners, so he didn't take his store's $50 gift certificate, and it became the first draw prize. Then the female winner was announced, the woman from our little pack, and having no conflict of interest she went up and got her certificate. Next were the draw prizes, and there were many, including a backpack, socks, a scarf, a flashlight and a beach blanket. They were down to 2 pedometers and a can of sockeye salmon in a fancy wooden box when Murray won, and he took the salmon. As each person won they picked the next winner from our race waiver forms that the race director had fanned out in his hand. I yelled out "Pick me, Murray, pick me!", and darned if he didn't! Amid the laughter I went up, collected my pedometer and picked the last winner. With that they thanked us all for coming to the race, the last for 2012 in the new 3 race Regional Park Trail Run Series, and encouraged us all to take some food and drink for the road.

It was already getting dark out so with that we said our goodbyes and were off. It took me over an hour and a half to get there in the rush hour traffic, but well worth the trip to take part in such a fun, well organized race, with a lot of great people!

No results yet but I'll post them when they're up.

My next race, besides the upcoming Friday Night Mile, is this Saturday, September 22 at 10:30 AM. It's the second race of the cross country series, the South Fraser 8K, at Bear Creek Park in Surrey.


Eva, Timmy and Pashmina said...

Yes but, did the dogs get prizes for being such good sports?

Anonymous said...

Hi Gord,

I stumbled along this blog while searching for the results of the other Metro Vancouver event results online. I was the one running in our lead chase pack with yourself and the woman.

I enjoyed your posts, I'll revisit for sure.


Wobbler said...

Thanks Jim, sometimes the race results are up right away and I can use people's actual names. It was a pleasure running with you 2, and talking to you after the race. I was happy to stay with you as long as I did! See you in the future!


Wobbler said...

No, they weren't prepared for the canine competitors!