MEC # 2 Birds Hill Park Race

MEC # 2 Birds Hill Park Race
MEC #2 Birds Hill Park 2017 3rd Overall After A Sprint Finish!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Last Weekend In May

On Saturday, May 25, I headed over to Vancouver Island for the Q's Victoria Run Series Meet # 2. It was at the University of Victoria this time, and there were some young people who came over from the Lower Mainland to compete, but I think I was the only "seasoned" runner who did so.

The meet started at 6:30 PM, and this time they ran the races from longest to shortest, meaning the 3000 meters was the inaugural event. The women ran first, and the race director filmed it riding along the track on his bike.

 They've posted a film of it here: . 

Next I watched Gary Duncan, Frank Towler and the others run it, skipping the 3000 myself.

 I was running the Shaughnessy 8K at 8:30 the next morning, and I figured that it would probably have been one race too many. Next up was the 1500 open race, and I don't remember much about it and the subsequent 800 meters event, except that I PBed in the first distance, but didn't do as well in the shorter race. It's much better running the shorter distances first and progressing to the longer ones than the other way around, at least for me anyway.

There were a couple of races to go after my last one, the (fast) men's and women's 800, but I had to go catch the last ferry leaving at 9 PM, so I said goodbye to Frank and Gary and headed for the terminal.  

For a report of the meet highlighting the faster performers go to:

I was 9 of 14 overall and 2 of 2 in my age group in the 800, with a time of 2:57.7, and 7 of 15 OA, 2 of 2 AG, with a PB of 5:44.8 in the 1500.

The next morning brought the Shaughnessy 8K race, and it was a little cool and cloudy as we started off at 8:30 AM on the road in front of the Kerrisdale Arena. After about 200 meters we turned right down a side street and began our ascent of THE HILL. 300 meters or so later we reached the crest, and after awhile my legs recovered and I began to pick up speed again.

Wending our way along the neighborhood streets, we soon reached another incline, a few hundred meters long but much less steep than the first one. The course was a partial double loop, skipping THE HILL on the second go-around, which nobody complained about.

With less than a kilometer to go we came to an intersection with a lot of marshals, and I kept going straight as nobody told me to do anything else. I noticed fairly quickly that I could only see very slow runners and walkers in front of me, and I looked back and all the runners had turned right and were heading down that road. I ran back but the fellow who had been only about 10 meters in front of me before was now at least 100 meters ahead.

A few hundred meters later we were heading down the road leading to the turn to the finish. I had passed Bill Chang a couple of kilometers into the race, but I could hear his distinctive breathing behind me as I now ran down THE HILL. We reached the bottom and rounded the corner for the last 200 meter dash to the finish, and I pretended that I was finishing my 800 meter race the night before, and ran as fast as I could until I was over the line.

Jimmy Hinze from my club greeted me, he was there as a BC Athletics rep helping out with the race, and he showed me a picture that he took as I went across the finish line, and said he'd send it to me. We talked a bit and greeted some more finishers and then I headed over to get some food.

They had various fresh bagels with cream cheese, peanut butter, and jam to spread on them, delicious soft chocolate chip cookies, 2-packs of hard boiled eggs, and bananas & oranges, plus chocolate milk, water, smoothie drinks, and coffee.

They had the usual large amount of draw prizes, but I failed to win anything this time around. The awards were presented, and Bill Chang had told me before the race that he'd seen Mark Bennett, Tim Smith, and Larry Nightingale there already, so we both knew we weren't going to be winning any medals today. I ended up 6th out of 19 in our age group and 57th overall out of 283, with a time of 35:10, while Bill was 7th in our AG, and Arnold ended up 12th.

With the festivities over it was time to say our goodbyes until the next race, so I bid Arnold, Vas and Bill adieu and headed home.

Here's a further report on the race:

Many photos were also taken, three different sets in fact:

My next race was the Giant's Head Run 5.4K race in Summerland at 6 PM on June 1st.

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